How can we help you today?


How can we help you today?

 MAZDA RECALLS | Important information about Mazda recalls.

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General Enquires

How do I get a copy of my Owner’s Manual? (NZ new only)

Current vehicles (except the BT-50) are on line (supply link Terri).

All other vehicles you will need to contact your local dealer, and speak to the parts department

Can I contact Mazda New Zealand to purchase a part for my vehicle?

Mazda New Zealand does not supply Mazda parts directly to the public. To identify and/or buy parts for your Mazda, please contact your local Mazda Dealer Parts Department.

I’ve lost my key – who should I contact?

To replace a lost or stolen key, you’ll need to contact the service department of your local Mazda Dealer and verify your owner details. Please note that replacement and programming fees will apply.

I have an older Mazda model. How can I find out which accessories are available?

There are some Genuine Accessories by Mazda for older Mazda Vehicles.  You will need to contact your local dealer.  They can assist you with a range of enquiries such as pricing and availability – even for previous models.

Why do I need to keep my personal details up-to-date?

If for any reason, we need to contact you about your vehicle, it’s important that we have your most current details to hand. If your circumstances have changed, please let us know by completing our Get In Touch form.



What is a vehicle recall?

A recall is issued when the manufacturer determines that a vehicle creates an unreasonable safety risk, or fails to meet minimum safety standards.  If there's a safety recall, your manufacturer is required to notify you and fix the problem for free.

How will I know if my car is affected by a vehicle recall?

If you have been notified of a recall, the first step is to closely read the notification and follow the manufacturer's guidance.  Every recall is serious, and the detials of all recalls and their remedies vary.

You can check if your vehicle is included in a recall, but clicking on the following link.  www.mazdacampaigncentre.co.nz, and follow the instructions.





Is my Mazda covered by a warranty?

Every brand new Mazda passenger/commercial vehicle is backed by awarranty that covers any defect in material or workmanship in both parts and panels.

New Passenger Vehilcle purchased from January 2015 onward are covered with a 5 year/unlimted KM's Vehicle warranty.  Click here for T&C's  (Please link to T&C's).

New BT-50 is covered by a 3 year or 150,000km's (whichever occurs first) warranty.  Click here for T&C's   (Please link to  BT-50 Warranty T&C's )

What does my warranty cover? 

Your Mazda warranty covers any defect in material or workmanship in both parts and panels. What’s more, any Mazda Genuine Parts used in a Service will be covered by a full warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. Please check our Warranty  page for more information.

Are Mazda Genuine Accessories covered by warranty?

If your Mazda Genuine Accessory was bought as part of your vehicle purchase, it should be covered under the terms of your standard Mazda warranty (with some exclusions). However, if the item was purchased at a later date – or outside your vehicle’s new car warranty – the Mazda Standard Parts Warranty will apply.

Please consult your warranty information booklet (in you vehicle) for detailed terms and conditions.

Roadside Assistance

What if I have an existing Roadside Assistance Policy?

If you have an existing Roadside Assistance Policy you are still covered 24/7, 365 days New Zealand Wide.

For any queries on your policy please contact our dedicated team on 0800 800 626.

What should I do if my Mazda breaks down?

If you have Mazda Roadside Assistance, simply call 0800 800 626 at any time to access your service.

In the event that your vehicle breaks down, (and you don't have Roadside Assistance)  we recommend contacting your local Mazda Dealer Service Department immediately.

What happens when my Roadside Assistance has run out?

If your Roadside Assistance has run out, you can visit your local dealer and discuss renewal.  If you continue to service your vehicle with Mazda Dealers, you can talk to your dealer about free continuation of Roadside Assistance.



How often should I service my Mazda?

To keep your Mazda in peak condition, you should service it every 10,000 km but no long than 12 months, .  For BT-50 vehicles built from 01/07/2016, you should service it every 10,000 km , but no longer than 6 months.

Mazda3 (BP) - April 2019 on Every 15,000kms but no longer than 12 months.

Please visit our Servicing page to find out more, or look at your vehicle warranty booklet in your vehicle.

What are the benefits of servicing with a Mazda Dealer?

Having your car serviced by an authorised Mazda Dealer ensures that only the most qualified and knowledgeable technicians will be asked to take care of your pride and joy.

What’s more, you can always be sure that the Mazda Genuine Parts used in your service have been designed to our original, exacting standards and will be covered by a full warranty for the life of your vehicle.

Who should I contact about servicing my Mazda?

If you’d like to know more about Mazda servicing, or you’re ready to book in your vehicle, please contact the service department of your local Mazda Dealer.


Imported Vehicles

I would like an Owner's Manual for my Japanese Import.

There are no English Owner's Manual for Japanese Used Imports.  These vehicles are built and sold for the Japanese domestic market and were only ever available with Japanese Manuals.

In some cases there are New Zealand equivalent models which will have similar (but not identical) specifications and you can purchase the Owner's Manual for the NZ equivalent model through your local Mazda Dealer(Atenza/Mazda6, Axela/Mazda3, Demio/Mazda2, Roadster/CX-5)

If I purchase a Japanese import is it covered by warranty?

We support Japanese vehicles for certain Safety Recalls only. The vehicles are not covered by the NZ New vehicle Warranty.


I cannot turn off the "Town Entry Point" Anncouncement

MZD Connect Navigation provides a "Town Entry Point" announcement that is repeated up to 4 times when entering certain Towns or Citites.

The purpose of this accouncement is to advise drivers that the speed limit will be reducing to a lower speed limit at predetermined points, before the new speed limited is enforced.

Setting Process

Should this announcement be a source of frustration it can be turned off withing the Navigation Settings Menu, under "Warning Settings" - Alert Points.  Please select the turn "Alert Points" to OFF.

This setting does not affect other warnings suck as "Speeding" or "Speed Camera" warnings.  These will continue to operate if you have the "Visual and Audible" setting turned ON.  However, please note that the language Setting must be set to "English AU" within the main "Settings" menu as below, to set a new or change an existing destination sing voice recognition.

How do I keep my MZD Connect maps up-to-date?

Simply install the Mazda Toolbox application to your PC, create an account and insert your vehicle’s SD card into a compatible SDHC reader. Once the SD card has been recognised, any available updates will be ready and waiting for you to download.

How do I know if my device is compatible with Mazda’s infotainment?

Before syncing your smartphone with MZD Connect or Mazda Handsfree, you’ll need to ensure your vehicle and device are fully compatible, and that Bluetooth® has been activated on both.

Check MZD Connect compatibility >

Check Mazda Handsfree compatibility >

Is it necessary to pair my phone again after updating its software?

After updating your mobile’s operating system (i.e. Windows, iOS or Android), pairing information may be invalidated. If this occurs, please re-follow the pairing procedure.

I’m having trouble reconnecting or re-pairing my phone. What should I do?

Close all device applications, uppair your phone from the vehicle, then delete the vehicle profile from the phone and the phone profile from the vehicle.  Restart both.  You should then be able to successfully re-follow the pairing procedure.

If this doesn’t work, please contact your local Mazda Dealer.




From Blind Spot Monitoring to Jinba Ittai,
now you can find all of Mazda’s unique terminology in the one place.


From Blind Spot Monitoring to Jinba Ittai,
now you can find all of Mazda’s unique terminology in the one place.


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