Mazda commercialcare Roadside Assistance

If something goes wrong when you're travelling - or even while you're still in your driveway! - then we're here to help.

Mazda On Call is a roadside assistance programme available to Mazda owners 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. So, if you run out of fuel, lock your keys in the car or simply forget how to programme the stereo, all you need to do is call us on 0800 800 626. Our support centre are ready to help out with any mechanical, medical and even legal advice you might need. Plus, if it's hands-on assistance you need, our network of service providers can arrange anything from a locksmith to five litres of fuel delivered to your vehicle, anywhere in New Zealand.

Your Mazda On Call Card

As part of the mazda commercialcare package, we’ve included Mazda On Call Roadside Assistance, to ensure your new Mazda brings you a worry-free motoring experience.

Mazda On Call is valid for 3 years, unlimited kilometres, from the date of registration.

In this text we explain what Mazda On Call covers and how you can utilise our support any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. On receipt of your new vehicle you will receive a Mazda On Call card. We suggest you place it where you can access it quickly from both inside and outside your Mazda vehicle.


How to Get Help

Call us free, any time, day or night

  • Mazda On Call is valid for 3 years, unlimited kilometres, from the date of first registration of your new Mazda.
  • Mazda On Call applies to the vehicle and not the owner. Your partner, children or anyone else authorised by you to drive your Mazda can utilise our services.
  • Should you sell your Mazda, the new owner can enjoy Mazda On Call’s protection for the remainder of the 3 year unlimited kilometre period.
  • Free phone Mazda On Call from any telephone in New Zealand, no matter how far you are from home.
  • Simply give us your Mazda registration number and what assistance you require.


Roadside Breakdowns

Roadside Assistance

  • Flat battery or tyre? Lost your keys or locked them in your Mazda? We will immediately send a mobile service vehicle to your aid.
  • Run out of fuel? We’ll deliver 5 litres of fuel (no charge).
  • The mobile service vehicle can’t fix the problem? Both you and your vehicle will be taken to the nearest approved Mazda service or repair centre.
  • Away from home and your Mazda needs attention? We will provide directions, make a booking and arrange for any necessary parts to be delivered to the nearest Mazda service and parts agent.
  • Breakdown outside normal service hours? We will provide advice on operating your vehicle.


  • If your Mazda is immobilised over 100km from home, for more than 24 hours due to a warrantable defect, we will provide either a rental car (to $300 excluding GST. Fuel and insurance are the responsibility of the driver), or up to 2 nights’ accommodation (to $300 excluding GST. Room charge only. Meals and incidental charges are not covered).
  • If you continue your journey or return home while your Mazda is being repaired, we will transport your vehicle to you (or you to your vehicle) at no cost.


Accidents and Theft

Stolen or damaged vehicles

  • If your vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident, we will advise you on how to deal with police, insurance and finance companies.
  • If you’re over 100km from home, we will notify towing services and arrange for a taxi, rental car, or emergency accommodation where required. (Cost of taxi, rental car and accommodation not covered).
  • We will arrange with your insurance company to transport your Mazda to the nearest approved Mazda service or repair centre.

Free legal advice

  • We will provide qualified verbal legal advice regarding traffic accidents and offences, driving license applications, renewals, vehicle financing, repossessions and aspects of consumer law relating to motoring.


Accommodation and Medical Aid

New Zealand accommodation

  • If you are traveling around New Zealand, we can provide details and make bookings* at a selection of New Zealand accommodation providers.

Medical attention

  • Should you need medical aid while away from home, we can provide details of the nearest suitable facility.

Disrupted travel plans

  • If unforeseen events force you to rearrange your travel plans, we can re-book accommodation flights or other transport and re-arrange business meetings, as required.
  • We can also relay urgent messages to family, friends, or business associates likely to be affected by your delay.

*Mazda On Call cannot accept responsibility if you choose an establishment that does not meet your requirements.

Mazda On Call Exclusions

  • Vehicles used for hire or reward apart from Mazda Escape Rentals, Mazda Campervan belonging to Wendekreisen Travel, Walkabout Motorhome Rentals or Sunrise Camper Vans.
  • Vehicles used in motor racing, rallies, speed or duration testing or any practice thereof.
  • Claims arising from the loss or damage to the contents of the vehicle.
  • Claims arising from damage caused through forced entry in an attempt to recover locked keys, whereby the owner/driver has been fully briefed on the situation by Mazda Assistance staff or the provider in attendance, and the owner/driver has subsequently agreed to indemnify Mazda, against any damage caused during entry.
  • Claims arising from a recurring electrical or mechanical limit resulting from improper maintenance or servicing where a known fault and repair has been neglected.
  • A situation where the vehicle is disabled by floods, snow affected roads, or is not accessible due to other adverse conditions.
  • Vehicles being bogged in off road conditions and not easily accessible by normal two wheel drive recovery vehicles.
  • Vehicles being located off public roads (other than private residence), not accessible by normal two wheel drive recovery vehicle.
  • Vehicles exceeding 3.0 tonnes in laden weight.
  • Vehicle has been left unattended.
  • Vehicles modified from standard manufacturers specification.
  • Vehicles other than those confirmed as covered by the Mazda Assist programme.
  • Vehicles not displaying a current motor vehicle registration certificate and warrant of fitness.
    If at the time of breakdown the vehicle was towing a caravan, boat or trailer this vehicle will be towed or transported to the nearest place of storage and safety. Towing and storage costs will be the responsibility of the owner.

All Specifications and details described in this booklet are subject to change without notice and may vary. Consult your local Mazda dealer for any variations.

Any day, any time

For more information Freecall 0800 800 626.

BT-50 commercialcare disclaimer

** is also available to new BT-50 owners where every scheduled service completed by Mazda specialist technicians for a 3 year/100,000km term (whichever wherever occurs first) will cost no more than $200 (incl. GST) per service for models built after 1 November 2012. *** 3,350kg applies to earlier models.

* whichever occurs first