Safety Technology

Mazda safety technology encompasses a range of advanced safety systems and technologies specifically designed to protect the vehicle occupants.

These technologies combined with great driving dynamics, superb handling and control features, and a host of features such as energy-absorbing cabin trim, and improved head/tail lamp design for increased visibility, provide a feeling of total confidence and safety.

To find out how they work and why they make Mazda cars a very safe choice, please click each of the technologies listed below.

In the event of a collision, Mazda vehicles are equipped with a Supplementary Restraint System whereby multiple airbags are deployed. more »
DSC helps prevent understeer or oversteer by managing the braking force and engine torque delivered to individual wheels, maximising traction on the road surface. more »
Brake-assist monitors brake pedal force and input speed to determine when emergency braking is occurring. When detected, it automatically applies maximum braking force to all wheels. more »
The CX-9 is prevented from rolling by a sophisticated Roll Stability Control (RSC) system. more »
TCS control actuates torque reduction through electronic throttle control, fuel cut and ignition timing control, as well as using brake control to control traction. more »
In the event of a rear impact, whiplash-minimising front seats protect the necks of the driver and front passenger. more »
MAIDAS offers superior protection for vehicle occupants by employing leading-edge impact absorption technologies to achieve a high-rigid passenger safety cell. more »
EBD allocates braking force to the wheels with the most grip, according to vehicle loading. The result is shorter stopping distances in wet and dry conditions. EBD is only available on vehicles that have ABS. more »
ABS works by detecting individual wheel-lock and momentarily releasing the brakes on that wheel. This decreases the amount of brake fluid supplied to the wheel, allowing it to regain traction. more »
Mazda Active Head Restraints are optimally positioned to mitigate neck injuries without marring comfort during normal vehicle operation. more »
The Australasian New Car Assessment Program was set up to provide new car buyers with independent and information on the level of occupant protection provided by vehicles in serious front and side crashes. more »

BT-50 commercialcare disclaimer

** is also available to new BT-50 owners where every scheduled service completed by Mazda specialist technicians for a 3 year/100,000km term (whichever wherever occurs first) will cost no more than $200 (incl. GST) per service for models built after 1 November 2012. *** 3,350kg applies to earlier models.

* whichever occurs first