Just what is SKYACTIV?

In a nutshell, SKYACTIV is a range of futuristic technologies we have developed to make our cars even more fun to drive – yet also use less fuel and creating fewer emissions.

SKYACTIV isn’t just one thing, it’s a range of innovations including lighter body frames, new engine designs, a fuel-saving stop/start idling feature and power-storing brake system, to name just a few. You won’t notice any difference in power or acceleration with a SKYACTIV Mazda but you certainly will notice a big difference at the fuel pump!

SKYACTIV – future technology today

Did you know that 70 to 80% of the potential energy in today’s engines is wasted due to unburnt fuel, cooling and pumping losses, exhaust gas and friction?

This inefficiency is why Mazda believes that the immediate future of sustainable motoring lies in improving internal combustion engines, not in producing niche technology that is largely unaffordable and burdened with other hidden costs. We believe in this so strongly that we created our own “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” vision – to refine the combustion process in order to achieve a 30% increase in fuel economy across the global vehicle range by 2015 (compared to 2008 levels), while staying true to our commitment to design excellence and driver enjoyment.

By refining and redefining all of the technologies that go into a vehicle – not just the powerplants, but the transmissions, the body and chassis as well as the choice of tyres – we’re designing vehicles that are exciting to drive and environmentally responsible.

We call this approach SKYACTIV Technology and it delivers cutting-edge engineering, the Mazda way.

SKYACTIV-G (petrol engine)

At 13:1, our SKYACTIV-G engine has the highest compression of any mass-produced petrol car. It delivers 15% more torque than before while using 15% less petrol and still only runs on regular 91 unleaded fuel. Think of it as turbocharging but without a turbocharger.

Our engineers achieved this unheard of feat through a finely balanced mix of uniquely tailored sequential valve timing, innovative 4-2-1 exhaust system and high-tech lightweight materials.
What this means to you is you spend less time at the pump and more time enjoying the drive. And that’s what Zoom-Zoom is all about.

SKYACTIV-D (diesel engine)

Smooth, refined and efficient, yet potent: The secret to the lightweight SKYACTIV-D engine is its record-low compression ratio.
In contrast to a gasoline engine, the combustion process can best be improved by lowering the compression ratio in the diesel engine down to an incredibly low 14:1. Working in harmony with other innovative technology like the variable valve lift system, it squeezes the most out of the fuel, delivering more torque and up to 20% better fuel efficiency when compared to the current generation of diesel engines.

It’s lighter too and, thanks to a two-stage turbocharger, SKYACTIV-D reaches rpms others thought impossible. The ultra-clean SKYACTIV-D even meets the future Euro 6 emissions standard, all without the need of any expensive exhaust aftertreatment system.


Why waste fuel when you don’t need it? That is the underpinning philosophy behind i-stop, our gas saving engine stop/start function. i-stop detects when the vehicle is stationary, at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, for example, then shuts off the engine, improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. The pistons are then primed to restart, like a cyclist who positions his pedals ready to get going immediately, leading to an engine start in just 0.35 seconds. This is faster than any other comparable system and removes the need for any other dedicated power supply.

SKYACTIV-Drive (automatic transmission)

We took the best features of the various automatic transmissions available to create our new 6-speed SKYACTIV-Drive. It has a full-range direct drive to transfer torque more efficiently. The acceleration from standstill is powerful and shifts are fast and direct with up to 7% better fuel economy than conventional automatics. The SKYACTIV-Drive transmission can be mated to either SKYACTIV-G petrol or SKYACTIV-D diesel engines.


Lightweight engineering has always been a Mazda expertise. The advanced bonding methods and lightweight high tensile steels in our new-generation SKYACTIV bodies make them 8% lighter than their predecessors, but 30% more rigid for better fuel economy and performance. Though svelte on the outside, the frame structure underneath has been engineered to have as many straight sections as possible for greater stiffening. It makes for a tougher car with outstanding crash safety.


At Mazda, we speak about ‘Jinba Ittai’. It means ‘rider and horse as one.’ It’s a feeling of connectedness with the vehicle that you’ll understand once you’ve driven our new SKYACTIV-Chassis.
We completely re-engineered the suspension and steering components to create greater rigidity and a lighter ride. There’s better economy because the SKYACTIV-Chassis weighs 14% less than before. And it delivers nimble handling at low speeds, stability at higher speeds and comfort at any speed.

Want To Know More?

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BT-50 commercialcare disclaimer

** is also available to new BT-50 owners where every scheduled service completed by Mazda specialist technicians for a 3 year/100,000km term (whichever wherever occurs first) will cost no more than $200 (incl. GST) per service for models built after 1 November 2012. *** 3,350kg applies to earlier models.

* whichever occurs first