Tow Bar Options

Designed specifically for Mazda CX-5. Chrome plated tongue complements the stylish exterior of your CX-5.





To certify that the CX-5 Tow bar is reliable and durable enough to handle any challenge, extensive dynamic and static testing takes place through in house testing facilities as well as under the most severe driving conditions typically encountered off road. Once this testing is complete, inspections are carried out to ensure the tow bar is performing as expected and functions flawlessly with other genuine parts and accessories.


When installed to manufacturer’s instructions, Mazda Tow Bars meet at least one of the following standards. However, in most cases more than one standard is met:


·       New Zealand Standard NZS5467 Tow bar Loads (compliance with SAE J684)


·       Tow bar - Australian Standard AS4177.1 Appendix A Loads


·       Chain Anchor - Australian Standard AS4177.1 Appendix B Loads


·       Section 1D of ADR 62/02 (Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles)2007


Discuss your tow bar needs and options with your dealer. Towing weights for CX-5 (Towing and Cargo)


2.0L Petrol 1,800kg Braked

2.5L Petrol 1,800kg Braked

2.2L Diesel 2,000kg Braked

Models compatible with this accessory

  • CX-5 FWD 2.0L Petrol GLX
  • CX-5 FWD 2.0L Petrol GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.5L Petrol GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.2L Diesel GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.5L Petrol Limited
  • CX-5 AWD 2.2L Diesel Limited
  • CX-5 AWD 2.5L Petrol Takami

Part number:

KF11ACTB Tow Bar Beam – Requires tongue kit
KF11ACTBFX Tow Bar – Fixed Tongue Black
ASSA40T Tongue – Removable with 1.5” tow ball (needs A40H Housing)
ASSA40H Housing – needed for A40T Tongue