Roof Rack

Transport your equipment much more safely and easily with a Mazda Genuine Roof Rack.


Features & Benefits:


  • Compatible with a range of Mazda Roof Rack accessories


  • Feature a locking mechanism for added security and effective theft protection


  • Designed for simple installation & removal


  • Aerodynamically shaped to reduce wind noise and drag. This translates to a lower increase in fuel consumption compared to many aftermarket alternatives


  • Anodised coating for UV and corrosion resistance


  • Tested and validated to meet stringent Australian Design Rules and Mazda engineering standards


  • Load capacity of up to 75kg evenly distributed


NB: Needs Roof Mouldings below before fixing:


Models compatible with this accessory

  • Mazda6 Wagon 2.2L Diesel Limited
  • Mazda6 Wagon 2.0L Petrol GLX
  • Mazda6 Wagon 2.2L Diesel GSX
  • Mazda6 Wagon 2.5L Petrol GSX

Part number:

GHY1509H0 Roof Moulding
GHY1509L0 Roof Moulding