Genuine Mazda Carpet Floor Mats

Featuring a reinforced heel pad and a CX-5 badge, these tailor-fitted mats are designed to enhance and complement the interior of the vehicle.


For extra protection and absolute safety, a driver’s side mounting bracket and an aggressive non-slip backing ensure the mats stay in place and avoid interference with pedal operation.


Not only do they help protect the original floor covering from unpleasant stains and shield your carpet from tears and cuts due to foot friction, they are also easy to remove and clean, ensuring your CX-5 is always clean, comfortable and looking good.


Models compatible with this accessory

  • CX-5 FWD 2.0L Petrol GLX
  • CX-5 FWD 2.0L Petrol GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.5L Petrol GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.2L Diesel GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.5L Petrol Limited
  • CX-5 AWD 2.2L Diesel Limited

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