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Keeping your Mazda in tip top shape

Regular servicing is importance because it keeps your Mazda in great shape for longer. This will save you money in fuel, parts and keep your vehicle safer on the road. Plus, it will help to protect your investment in a car that already has outstanding resale value.

Even if you don't drive a lot you still should service regularly. This is because some parts are more affected by time than they are by distance traveled. Oil is a good example of this as its protective properties are fundamental to the wellbeing of your engine, but these only last a limited time. Especially if you are only doing short trips and/or lots of stop/start driving.

Genuine Mazda Scheduled Servicing

If you have a new Mazda passenger vehicle then you are entitled to a mazdacare Genuine Scheduled Servicing Plan at no extra cost. So make the most of it! Find out more about Genuine Mazda Scheduled Servicing.

Our service specialists 

All our servicing is performed by Mazda factory-trained technicians as they are the experts in caring for your vehicle. Equipped with some of the world’s most advanced computer diagnostic equipment, our service specialists will ensure you enjoy the best performance, protection and safety in your vehicle - year after year.

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