Driving & Engine Technology

The Mazda Activematic transmissions are engineered to deliver the optimum balance in acceleration, minimal shift lag, ride comfort, quietness and fuel economy. more »
Mazda has developed the world's first direct spot joining technology to join steel and aluminium. more »
When developing the RENESIS, Mazda's engineers aimed to retain power output while offering improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. more »
i-ELOOP is a brand new SKYACTIV Technology that is the world's first to store the energy released during braking in capacitors for later use by the vehicle's electrical components. more »
SKYACTIV is the term we have given our suite of innovative next-generation technologies being developed under our long-term vision for sustainability in motoring. more »
Common-Rail technology optimises fuel injection to match driving conditions, achieving efficient combustion at all times. more »
A total of four roof motors - two on each side of the vehicle - transforms the MX-5 Roadster from coupe to open-top roadster - in just 12 seconds! more »
The ATS All-Wheel-Drive system uses real-time input data on steering angle, yaw rate, lateral G-force and engine status to determine road surface and driving conditions. more »
Some of Mazda's top engineers talk about the next generation SkyActiv technology. more »
Petrol direct injection and turbocharging are the primary sources of power for the MZR 2.3-litre four cylinder engine. more »